Losinj - Island Of Vitality

Close your eyes and imagine paradise. What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

- The sun and the perpetual blue colors that surround the island at the very bottom of Croatia is what first comes to my mind. -

The Losinj archipelago is a destination of health and vitality, surrounded by incredible sandy beaches, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, in the heart of which is a small town with a centuries-old tradition and culture.

Stunning buildings, top-notch culinary skills, which are with their magic taste for seafood, the paradise for both the tongue and the eyes and the pleasant atmosphere of the generous locals is all that makes Mali Losinj one of the most beautiful places that we have visited so far.

Everything that adorns this island awakes in visitors the desire for researching, innovation, and creativity - the quality of service,  emotions, and memories for people who bind them for whole life.

With confidence I can say one thing - no one leaves this place indifferent.

Everyone can see the beauty of our planet as it is, but that's not all that it can offer to us.

It has much more than the look of a sunset, crystal clear sea and pleasant temperatures. Soul, inner peace, serenity, and awe for nature are the things with which we connected, and because of that, both of us began to observe the planet differently.

Every time on Losinj, there is an ever-increasing impact, and with each visit, there is an intensifying desire for a new return, and exploring each pedal of the island. To breathe in the atmosphere and experience it again.


Losinj - Travel Blog / Losinj City

This year, we spent a beautiful nine days in Losinj, filled with enjoyment about the extraordinary beauties that the island and the city offer.

At the departure, we agreed on what we would visit, and yet, there was not enough time to go and see everything that this place offers.

With a pleasant ride across the highway, and crossing the bridge of Krk aloft, we left behind a view of Rijeka city and headed for the ferry, who after a half an hour drove us to the Cres island.

The journey after we got off from the ship reminded us of the times when we went to the sea as kids.

The moment when we arrive at the seashore, the change of climate, the smell of the sea and Mediterranean fruits like lemons and olives are the most beautiful memories of our childhood.

Individual Portrait

Finally, we arrived in Mali Losinj. The first walk along the seashore, the promenade surrounded by not so high, connected buildings and hotels, morning coffee in the city center, full of people and crowded cafes are the reasons why all these are not just the walls and curving streets among them besides the Mediterranean coast. When you are here, you get the impression that the city itself has a soul, that it is a living being that surrounds you with its atmosphere and doesn't let go.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Camp Cikat

The next destination was the auto camp Cikat, which is located in the smallest part of the island. Situated just on the coast, we dined the delicious seafood in the excellent Kredo restaurant and grabbed the opportunity to lift the drone into the air. A large number of caravans, tourists who enjoy the view of the horizon, the accessibility of the city that is close, but also far enough so that the campsite people have their privacy is something that this camp is proud with. With a capacity of around 5,000 seats, this camp is one of the largest on the island. The sunset was magical, and it all fit together at the perfect moment that we managed to catch with the camera.

Losinj - Island Of Vitality

After dinner, we strolled down the coastline of the magnificent hotels, Bellevue and Alhambra, as well as many smaller villas, which were filled even before the start of the season.

Fragments of Time

Hotels that are built according to the reputation of the world metropolis, modern and high tech equipped, offer to their guests a delightful enjoyment in style and all Mediterranean beauties. We especially liked the construction in the water outside the Bellevue Hotel, which represents jellyfish, connected and illuminated under water. On the promenade that illuminates the way, we could see the designers skills, as well as the entrances to hotels and private beaches, enclosed by digitized locks, which provide for their visitor's total privacy. In addition to Bellevue, there is Alhambra. In front of the Alhambra, there are large poppy flowers, as decorations for its promenade, which reddened the space and created a real summer, romantic atmosphere. During our stay there, they organized dinner along the seashore, and then we could see the professionalism provided by the hotel. A long table with about hundred chairs, music, and lighting made a unique atmosphere filled with style and expertise. We concluded that the music that was preparing for the show, and the staff who stood calmly as statues, waiting for guests, were proof that this is a world-class hotel that deserves the reputation which it has already.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Hotel Bellevue

A part of the island, called Kurile is known only to locals and located near the former Mali Losinj airport. The vegetable world that surrounds it, a seashore that is far from sandy but also paved with large stones, has created a pleasant entry into the sea, the horizon that extends to the open sea, as well as the islands of Susak, unique on the Adriatic as an island only with sandy beaches and Srkane, left us breathless.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Kurile

Imagine yourself lying, without the noise of cars, ships, any other people, there are only you on the deck chair, in the shade of smelling trees, sea waves that gently splash the coast and a slight grinding of the grill. We spent a fantastic day at Kurile, filled with swimming in the still, fresh water, enjoying delicious food, driving drone and taking pictures. You cannot wrong there because wherever you turn, you have something to enjoy in it, whether it is a view, smell or the atmosphere itself. Tired and overwhelmed, we ended the day with another walk through the city center, which was filled with people. Tourists already overflowed Losinj at that time, and we left that evening for the tourist activities, such as sightseeing and enjoying the outdoor program that is being organized throughout the summer.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Island Susak

Every morning, coming out onto the balcony, we would be stunned with a fresh breeze, the smell of lemon, olive and salt sea. Ocean currents give it clarity and cleanliness, which is very characteristic for  this island.

Among the many places that impressed us on this trip was the beach of Meli, which is located on the Cres island, to which we came to the speedboat.

Blue Paradise
Losinj - Travel Blog / Beach Meli

A crystal-clear sea, a sandy beach, a little, white pieces of sand that completely covered the seabed, waves that led by the ocean currents, which caused the water to be at the same time warm and cold and endless peace are some of the things that decorate places like Meli. In this part of the island, you can find a large number of similar beaches each prettier than the previous one.

The depth of water is gradually increasing, which is also convenient because it has parts where you can sit, play or even lie on the sand, and at the same time be in the water. By driving the drone, we managed to make several photos with a fantastic view of the high number of bays that hide these paradise beaches. What made us laugh was an improvisation of protection in which we put the camera and took it to the shore without getting water in it. Wrapped up in 3-4 bags, in a large red bucket that is usually used to wash the boat, 'walked out' Canon 6D, more precisely, passed to the shore where we had the shooting and took a couple of portrait photos. Fortunately, without any serious damage.

Individual Portrait

Going back to Mali Lošinj, we came across a small place called Punta Križa, which is the perfect tourist destination for all people who want to have the entirely peaceful vacation.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Punta Kriza

In a place like this, it's difficult to distinguish only a few things to talk about, but besides Meli, we were especially impressed by the Krivica bay, another gem of this little island. Buried in the southern part of the isle, decorated with turquoise color of the sea, is hidden and protected from winds. The odor of the sea sand adorns her base, surrounded by green pine forests. This bay is a small paradise for many sailors as well as for tourists who manage to find a way to it. The easiest way to reach it is via sea, but also it is possible to get there by foot, through the Dolphin Path, which runs from the Sunny Bay or you can climb down from the top of the hill of Sv. Ivana, to which the road is asphalted, where you have the view of the Apsirt Islands. We had chosen the latest version that took us half an hour for a walk down and more than 40min when we were climbing back, so our recommendation for everyone who decides to go along the goat's track is to have comfortable shoes and protect their head from the sun.

There is not much to say about this bay; it would be best if you look at the photos that we have made and see for yourself that everything you've ever heard about Lošinj is no exaggeration.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Beach Krivice

Do not think that only natural beauties are what you can see and visit on the island. Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj also represent famous tourist attractions. 

Veli Lošinj is a village on the island of Lošinj in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia.

Veli Lošinj has a mild climate and caters to tourists. It is located 5 km from the town of Mali Lošinj. It was an important port and fishing center until the late 19th century.  Today it is known as a tourist and aromatherapy centre. Veli Lošinj has only 901 inhabitants.

Losinj - Travel Blog / Veli Losinj

Mali Lošinj is the largest city of the all on the Croatian islands, and walking along the narrow streets of this town we felt the spirit of the ancestors who inhabited the island, visited the 'Miomirisni vrt' which have a significant number of plants that grow only on the Cres-Lošinj archipelago. We learned from the locals about the generous dolphins that live in these waters. They sent us also to the Apoksiomen Museum where is located the statue from the 1st or 2nd century BC. It was found on the seabed around Lošinj in 1996.

Untitled photo

We spent most of our evenings in sight, where a beautiful Providenca restaurant was built.

Located at the top of the hill above the city, it offers to its visitors a unique view and be sure that the sunset which you are going to see, there is hard to see elsewhere. The sun's rays and sky that blend in a blue-reddish color, as a perfect, endless celestial vault which cover buildings decorated with timeless culture and tradition, the islands of Losinj and Cres and all their beauties will leave you breathless.

The Whole Universe Surrenders

Another place from which you can enjoy the extraordinary view of the setting is the lighthouse which is located next to the Lanterna Grill Restaurant. Photos speak more than a thousand words.


These are all things that the locals are proud of. Imagine that you are on this island, with so many things that you want to capture with the eye of the lens, what do you think would be the biggest problem in such place?

If you thought that time would be a problem, you are right. We wanted to explore everything, without success, but that's just the reason for us to come back again, which we will certainly do.

Summer Love

No matter how hard anyone tries to describe this island in Croatia, it cannot do it credibly enough. It is more beautiful than any verse and more enchanting than all the beautiful words that could describe the magical spell of this Mediterranean island. It's up to you to see for yourself. If you did not add it to your bucket list it's time. Do not believe us, experience it yourself.


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