Conceptual Portraits - Srdjan Vujmilovic
Frozen Dream
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Individual Potrait

The other project on which I worked I called ‘Desire.' The concept of the project consists of photographing the eyes of women and displaying lust which awakens in them. Desire toward loved ones, for the work they do, towards themselves.
With this project, I want to emphasize the importance of women to accepted themselves as they are. In a world that the media imposes the general opinion, how women should be, how is expected of them to look, which rules to listen, I wanted to show that they are, passionate individuals who do not need to obey others. They need be respected and appreciated for what they are and not for what others want them to be. With this project, I want to wake up the concern in people in the areas that surround the place where I live. I still see those who love themselves and who do not care for the judgmental environment in a society where opinion rapidly obeys provisions which other impose. I wanted to emphasize the importance of self-esteem in women. Every and each one of them is one hundred percent unique, valuable and worth, and I hope that I could influence them with my photos, not to forget that.

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