Landscapes - Srdjan Vujmilovic
Storm Is Coming
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Storm is Coming II

I want to inspire those who may not find the beauty in a flash of lightning or rain cloud above the rough sea to look for her, because I think that it is lost for all of them, because many beauties surround them, and they are not aware. With my photos, I have managed to wake up the love in people for the places where they live, small settlements which they thought they were not something special and it feels unimaginable. One of the cases are these photos of lightning that I took in the village near mine.

The whole village was affected by a strong storm, but at that time I had a tripod that is only 100 cm tall, and the biggest problem was to find a place from where I could fully capture thunder. Distancing more and more, I found a place in the middle of the field that was flooded by water, and the ground that blended with water did not go in favor. I walked ten centimeters deep in mud, and after twenty minutes in the rain, I found a convenient place. The height of the tripod was a problem again, and the storm was getting stronger. The legs of tripod were crumbling down, so I had to take off my jacket, lay it on the ground and then set it. I needed it tranquil due to prolonged exposure at least sixty seconds while the thunder with rain and blustery wind were raging over me. The difficulties appeared one after another, but after 3h in the field and countless photos, the sky was finally calm. It took half a day to clean the equipment but all effort paid off.

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