Astrophotography - Srdjan Vujmilovic
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Inslands of the Universse

I am lucky to live in a place away from the city that is surrounded by darkness, and as a child, every night I looked at the sky which was not full of light pollution. I spent the nights in a field that surrounds my home and enjoyed the view of the sky with a wide trail of brightness that spreads along the atmosphere, made up of thousands of stars which form Milky Way. However, growing older, I had less interest in the sky, and the more I associated myself with the city I neglected my love for astrophotography. That was until I began to notice a significant number of photographs of excellent photographers, and became fascinated with what surrounds us. The universe, which for us humans is still largely unexplored falls into some of the biggest mysteries for the human race, and also for me. For these reasons, today I photograph astrophotography among other.

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