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I spend my days off mostly in nature and, I like to use every moment that I have to show all her charms hundred percent authentic as they are. Nature's beauty is not always so clear, it exists in the eyes of the observer, and depends on how we photographers present it to others.
For example, for macro photography, it is not enough to have the equipment to do. It is necessary to wait for an auspicious day, or in my case, I expected to come the period of pollination of flowers, bee to be close to a beautiful flower. The light that falls in the right angles and the exact moment of convergence is something that brings a particular pleasure in the process of making these photos. In the other case, the ladybug, which nonchalantly walked on the leaf for half an hour, and just at the moment when all the parameters arranged as I had imagined, quickly appeared the second, which began the process of mating with the first. The unexpected reversal of the situation and the effect of surprise is something that fascinates me over and over again.

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